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The idea of The Sauce Man comes from a passion. I was taught cooking in 1989 in France at “le Manoir du Lys” in Normandy on the ledge of the forest. I studied, working as an Apprentice, for two and a half years, to get my diploma with honours in 1992.

This is where I learned to do the many stocks that I still use today for sauces. My cooking was inspired by the greats; JOEL ROBUCHON and other French chefs such as BERNARD LOISEAU.

Like many chefs, I started my career at the bottom as a commis chef. With experience, I climbed the ladder and worked in the suburbs of Paris, perfecting my craft under a Michelin star-trained Chef. During those years my passion for cooking bloomed.

I arrived in Edinburgh in 1997 and worked in “La Bagatelle”, a traditional French restaurant, where I was offered the amazing opportunity to become the Private Head Chef to the French Consul in Edinburgh. Feeding the political world, the UK Ambassador to France, some celebrities, and the Consul’s family’s every-day meals helped me to further indulge my love of cooking.

Four years later, my curiosity led me to spend some time working as an Agency Chef. I have worked in many well-known and highly-regarded places including Rhubarb at Prestonfield House, Dalhousie castle, and The Horseshoe Inn amongst others. I was also lucky enough to work at some exceptional events including Royal Ascot, the Six Nations Rugby fixtures, and events at Edinburgh Castle.

Throughout my long and varied career, I have been learning and perfecting the key ingredient to any good meal: Sauces. With noble and earthy products used for hundreds of years combined with both traditional and quirky recipes, I want to share my passion with you.
The Sauce Man is inviting you to join the epicurean road to the soul of your dish. All in a jar.

Order them from my menu if you cook yourself or I can propose you a full meal served to you by your personal chef, The Sauce Man.

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Chorizo and sweet red pepper: This is a chunky sauce with aromas of red wine and Spanish tapas
Onion and shallot gravy: Caramelised onion with butter and a clear chicken stock all cooked in the oven. Light and delicious.
Apple and calvados: From the rustic Normandy countryside, a creamy caramelised apple flambéed with Calvados. Indulgent.
Tomato, basil, green olive and balsamic vinegar: A little piece of Italy, full of flavour. Delicious with chargrilled chicken.


Carbonara: Smoked lardons, garlic and cream. Add one egg yolk just before serving. Yummy! (200ml for 1 person)
Sundried Tomato Pesto: Basil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. A spoonful in hot pasta is all you need.
Chilli Tomato Sauce with Sea Food: Something not burning hot but with a nice kick. (200ml for 1 person)
Three Cheese Sauce: A cheddar, a blue and some parmesan. Indulgence from a classic.

Venison, Duck, Pigeon...

Sauce Grand Veneur: A rich sauce from the dark side made with tomato and cocoa powder. A must.
Shallot and Creme De Cassis: A sweet and sour sauce full of flavour.


Cracked Black Pepper: What can I say? A classic made from the darkest veal stock and brandy with the sweetness of the cream.
Carmelised Shallot, Red Wine and Thyme: Some sweetness on a piece of cow. Don’t forget the red wine!
Strawberry and Cracked Pepper: Not a sweet one as the acidity of the fruit matches the taste of the beef blood. Simple and goes perfectly with beef.


Lemon Beurre Blanc: The “passe partout”! A reduction of shallots in white vinegar and cream. It enhances most fish dishes.
Red Pepper Coulis and Mussels: Scents of paprika and the sea. Goes particularly well with monkfish.
Olives, Fresh Basil, Capers and Balsamic Vinegar: A sharp taste with loads going on in every mouthful.


Red Onion, Rosemary, and White Wine Compote: A French version of chutney. Can be eaten hot or cold.
Garlic and Herbs Jus: Light, perfect for a Sunday roast with family or friends.

Cooking classes with The Sauce Man!

Choose one of the dishes featured on my Facebook page and watch the magic happen. Get your hands dirty if you fancy. Choose a location, mine or yours, classes are on Tuesday morning, 10am @ 54 Silverknowes Eastway. I will provide all of the ingredients. When the cooking is done, all you have to do is to enjoy the food. I try to work with in-season, produce so some of my dishes won’t be available all year round. A great idea for birthday or Christmas present, st valentines or simply as a treat with some friends and a glass of wine.

Private lesson are charged at £50. Please redeem your voucher by calling or texting me: 0781205 6667. Please pay at the time of purchase.

Classes Available

Beginner: just enjoy watching me cooking, sharing my knowledge, experience and tips on how to give your food a tasty twist. £20 per person Minimum of 5 per booking

Advance: get ready to get your hands dirty. This course involves more skills such as boning a chicken, guinea fowl, pigeon, duck, your choice. Making stock with the bones. Filleting any kind of fish. Cook under my supervision and my advice. £25 per person minimum of 5 per booking

Children: Get your little ones to make a mess and have their first (or not) experience with the raw materials. Let them make their own pizza, yoghurt cake, muffins, many kinds of scones, American pancakes or French crepes. They are so fun when they are full of sugar. A great birthday party idea! £10 per child (minimum of 5 children per booking)

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My selection of sauces are made in traditional ways with true earthy products. Each pot contains a portion of sacue for two people. After two decades being a chef, I know that sauces are soul of the dish. Most of are made using home made stock - Veal, Chicken or Fish.


Allergen Information

Wine Glass

Sauces with wine
contain sulphurs.

Wine Glass

Sauces with cream or butter
contain lactose.


Sauces with fish or sea food.

Order And Delivery

Order via email or phone. Orders to be collected from:
54 Silverknowes Eastway, Edinburgh EH4 5NE


Most 120ml sauce tubs are suitable for 2 people and costs £2.95.
Special offer for new customers. Half price for your first purchase!


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